Alleged daughter of Muslim Magomayev learned the truth about his father

Предполагаемая дочь Муслима Магомаева узнала правду об отце Girl wants to prove kinship with the famous singer. Irina Korotkova sure that 22 years ago the legendary singer Muslim Magomayev has provided her attentions. The nephew of actor agreed to undergo a DNA test to put all points over “i”.
Предполагаемая дочь Муслима Магомаева узнала правду об отце

The Studio program “actually” Dmitry Shepelev decided to look into a difficult situation. Woman, Irina says that her daughter Veronica – the heiress of the great singer Muslim Magomayev. She was not afraid to tell the truth on the lie detector, a 22-year-old Veronica Korotkov agreed to undergo a DNA examination to confirm whether the legendary actor of her dad.

Irina said that she met the famous artist in the bar of the hotel “Savoy”. She was there with her friend and boyfriend, which wanted to get rid of. According to her, near the table sat Alla Pugacheva and Alexander Buinov and then there is Muslim Magomayev. Friend Irene asked her to invite the singer to join their company. Some time later, the artist invited Korotkov to go up to his room. Interestingly, the man introduced by the Frenchman Andre did not like Irina.

“Met in six months – says the woman. – He called a couple of times, I refused to meet him because I had nobody to leave the child”.
Предполагаемая дочь Муслима Магомаева узнала правду об отце

But then Veronica’s mother decided to tell the chosen one that he has a daughter. But he disappeared from her sight, but because she appealed to the private detective and paid one hundred dollars. A private investigator was not able to help the woman. Then Irina took matters into my own hands and went to the hotel, told the receptionist that she has a teenage child from one of their guests and got all the information about the man.

22-year-old Veronica admitted that a couple of times called my father. However, his wife Tamara Sinyavskaya told the girl that she was wrong.

Girl asked mom straight out whether she was meeting with Muslim Magomayev. Irina admitted that it was true. Experts in the Studio said that she’s not lying.

Предполагаемая дочь Муслима Магомаева узнала правду об отце

The program also touched on the issue of suicide Veronica. The alleged daughter of the legendary singer admitted that in the city they are called charlatans. The girl couldn’t accept the fact that making fun of her at the University. The desperation has reached such an extent that she wanted to commit suicide.

“I decided to throw myself under the car due to the fact that every day I read that I biodegradable waste, dirt and unworthy of life,” said Veronica.
Предполагаемая дочь Муслима Магомаева узнала правду об отце

Dmitry Shepelev asked whether women are driven by the desire to prove the relationship with Magomayev or they want to get a share of the inheritance of the artist. The Studio came mother’s younger brother Muslim Yuri. He admitted that for a long time refused to participate in various TV shows, but this time decided to put an end to the case of illegitimate daughter. The lie detector showed that he is not afraid of the contenders for the succession.

Broadcaster invited in the Studio of Yuri Magomayev, Jr., but the father decided to avoid meeting with her son and walked off set. He donated biological material for DNA analysis to help the alleged sister.

“You are not the daughter of Muslim Magomayev, I’m sorry,” said Shepelev. He handed Irina the conclusion of the lab.

“Why should I believe this paper?” a woman could not come to terms with the truth and carefully studied the result of the DNA test.

Profiler Sabina Pantus, which will determine a lie by facial expressions and gestures, reported that Irina is a psycho who is willing to live with their own truth, even if it has nothing to do with reality.