Алла Пугачева спаслась от судебного разбирательства The inhabitant of Odessa region wanted to punish Donna. According to the Complainant, Alla Pugacheva it persecutes. However, the court refused to hear the case, citing the fact that he can only act within the law.

Recently the inhabitant of Odessa region appealed for help to the servants of Themis. In her opinion, a Diva in every way it prevents and has. The woman filed a lawsuit in the Tatarbunar district court in order to protect it from the legendary singer.

The applicant used a rather strange argument. She said that at Alla Borisovny supposedly “has wings which she can enter at any person and do to him what he wants”.

“In his statement, the woman says that she decided to go to another city to get a job, but Allah with his men in pursuit of her, forbids her to do anything and does not rest. The Complainant requested to take action,” reads the website of the court.

Some time later, the court gave the answer the woman who wanted to prosecute Alla Borisovna. She dismissed the case, citing the fact that the court can only act within the laws of Ukraine. The press service of the tatarbunar district court did not clarify the nuances of the mental state of the woman who made the statement…

Many stars of show business are used to the fact that their names are regularly in the center of the scandal. Earlier this year, for example, immediately after Alla sang the song “I fly”, she was accused of plagiarism. However, after a time, the author corrected his statement, noting that the contractor at anything. The poet and composer Oleg Vladimir, in turn, called it a planned attack on Dolly parton.

“It was an original part to which the contractor is in principle not relevant. Therefore, claims the singer, in my opinion, ugly and unprofessional. I can say as to the spirit of what the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love” in question, I first heard of January 1, 2018, when actually the whole story started. If need be, ready to confirm in any polygraphs and detectors. For me, this “discovery” was like a bolt from the blue,” – said the author of new songs of Oleg Vlady.