Alla Pugacheva was criticized for horrible shoes

Аллу Пугачеву раскритиковали за ужасную обувь Fans don’t like your new shoes and sandals Diva. Samples of the new Shoe collection under their own personal brand Alla Pugacheva showed his followers on Instagram. And got a negative response. Fans of the singer wrote that the models they don’t like.

Alla seldom indulges fans with new publications in the social network Instagram. Her favorite topic – the big holidays. For example, recently, the Diva congratulated the subscribers on Valentine’s Day. There Pugachev before the New year announced the premiere of the song. In addition, from time to time Alla Borisovna posts Instagram photo of daughter Lisa and son Harry.

Almost any post on the official page of Diva attracts the maximum attention of the fans that don’t skimp on the attention and flattering comments about the beloved singer. However, recent publications Pugacheva has caused a mixed reaction from the fans.

Alla posted photos the summer collection of footwear under the brand name inscribed Alla Pugachova. Many Internet users are quickly criticized shoes “from the band” called terrible model, moreover, some decided that Alla Borisovna openly laugh at them, Well, she became a victim of advertising.

“No, don’t buy it!”, “What the hell?!”, “In the village do not wear the road will not allow chickens in the city will laugh”, “People, it’s ugly!”, “Alla, you Troll us?” “I do not like”, “Why do you need it? Well, they are with their advertising!” – wrote fans Pugacheva.

Among the commentators was, of course, and those who came in awe of the collections, supported by Ala.

In fairness, we note that the data models Pugacheva has an indirect relationship – the shoes just released under her name brand. The author of the design of the limited collection of this premium line of large Russian designer Alena Akhmadulina. The famous fashion designer is not the first time works for brands Alla Pugachova – a year ago, in March 2017, Akhmadulina and Pugacheva have been together for presented the exclusive models of the collection spring-summer. Overall brand Alla Pugachova has been in existence for more than 20 years.