Аллу Пугачеву уличили во лжи
Who uncovered the fraud prima donnas?

Alla Pugacheva

Interview with Alla Pugacheva, published on the channel Oleg Menshikov, has caused a new scandal. Stanislav Sadalsky, who are not known to be friends with the Diva and her husband Maxim Galkin, dared to accuse a legend in the cheating. The actor informed fans that the conversation Pugacheva with Menshikov unpleasantly surprised him. Supposedly Alla was making that up life stories, which never happened.

“In the beginning of the conversation immediately lie: the story of AB that the name Alla is given to her parents in honor of two Actresses Tarasova and Larionova. In honor of Alla Tarasova — maybe, but in honor of Alla Larionova – no: the first film that brought fame Alia, was “Sadko”, it was released only in 1953, and Pugachev born in 1949, writes in the Network Sadalsky. — 49-m Larionov know no one knew – a girl from the basement, a freshman. Maybe lit up where in the crowd, but without a name in the credits. Only the role of Lyubava in Sadko brought Larionova world famous when Mary Pickford was bowing at her feet, and Chaplin wanted to make in his film.

Next… the Story AB about how she once found out in the Elevator Vysotsky, what he said to her, “at least say good morning, pig.” Never Vysotsky could not call a woman a pig! No-when. The women he treated with aspiration, tenderness, passion. They’re his goddess. But not a pig…”

Stanislav previously violently criticised the work of Galkin. He devoted several publications in his blog how TV presenter and his show “mediocre”, from his point of view. Maxim suggests that Sadalsky has a grudge against his family and now clears.