Алла Пугачева заказала песню у Ильи Резника On Wednesday evening the many friends of people’s artist of Russia gathered for the celebration of his anniversary. Ilya Reznik gathered the family in one of the Banquet rooms in the center of Moscow. Among the guests were the birthday boy and his old friend Alla Pugacheva.
Алла Пугачева заказала песню у Ильи Резника

4 April Ilya Reznik celebrated his birthday. The poet-songwriter turned 80 years old. On this occasion, people’s artist of Russia threw a celebration for family and friends. The celebration took place in a luxury hotel, located in the center of Moscow. Among the guests of Ilya Rahmielevich and his wife Irina Romanova was Yuri Luzhkov, Aziz, Philip, Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife Irina Mlodik, a group of “Gems”, as well as Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva. Many friends Reznik all night toasts in honor of the birthday boy.

Alla was released in the silver bomber jacket. Fans found that the artist, as always, looked terrific. Pugachev posed willingly with those who wish to do self and smiled for photographers. For Alla Borisovna was allocated a place next to the celebrant. Congratulating the butcher, the celebrity expressed hope for continued cooperation with him. This was stated by the Director of group “Samotsvety” Sergey Shelontsev.

Ilya Reznik: “Pugacheva will return to the stage next year”

“Alla Pugacheva not only congratulated Ilya Reznik happy birthday, but expressed the hope that he would write for her new song,” he said in the microblog.

Vladimir Presnyakov recorded a special birthday greeting along with a group of “Gems”. The artists also sang songs on the poems by Ilya Rahmielevich. The audience greeted their performance with thunderous applause. Apparently, the butcher was pleased with the efforts of colleagues. Hero of the day shone in the many favorite manner – in a chic white suit.

The stars not only personally congratulated Ilya Rahmielevich, but also gave him warm wishes on social networks. So, Philip Resnick expressed gratitude for the work and wished him further success. The singer admires the talent of people’s artist.

“Thank you, dear Ilya, my first song that I ever performed in my life in the Russian language, written especially for me, when I’m not in a hurry with the songs! Thanks for the firstborn under the name “Sinbad the Sailor”, written in the Bulgarian music of the great composer, toncho Ruseva!” – with these words the man turned to the butcher.

Philip Bedrosovich also noted the song “my mother quietly said.” The artist considers the composition of the decoration of his repertoire. In addition, the book reminded longtime friend about performance at “the opening” in the concert hall “Russia” held in 1988. Then Reznik has entrusted the singer to open concert. “Today I do the same as you then and the whole life before my eyes, and she passed and runs parallel with your great singing great”, – said Kirkorov.

Recall that Alla Pugacheva and Ilya Reznik had been friends for a long time. Songwriter is the author of many hits of the Divas. Unexpectedly for fans of the stars stopped to chat for seven years. Celebrities have restored relations only in 2016.