Алла Пугачева закружилась в танце с незнакомцами в Санкт-Петербурге Diva spoke at the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. As a rule, Alla gives solo concerts, and only occasionally takes part in major festivals. That’s why the audience went into raptures when she sang a favorite of all songs.
Алла Пугачева закружилась в танце с незнакомцами в Санкт-Петербурге

Within a few years Alla Pugacheva gives solo concerts. It is known that the artist refuses to resume such activities as complaining heart. Diva is very tiring constantly moving. However, yesterday the singer made an exception. Alla spoke at the opening ceremony of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The concert was held in the framework of the solemn reception in the Mikhailovsky castle. Presumably, the star was paid several million rubles for her solo performance.

Diva decided to sing a favorite of all the songs from his work: “Million scarlet roses”, “Zone”, “the Candle was burning on the table,” “Love like a dream”.

“I will honestly tell you that these songs, I rarely sing, I have a new program. I have her whole life to collect. It is unlikely you need a new program, but I’ll try for 70 years to sing something. What grandma no one will be hurt – everybody will be there to sit and clap. Do you know why you love me? Because I love you. Because all my life I put on these songs for you. I now live differently. It took me another life I do not even know. But now I with pleasure will remember those songs that were for me symbolic,” – said Alla Borisovna during the concert.

The audience gladly accepted the singer. During one of the songs “Invite the lady to dance,” Alla was called to the scene of men. With them, she whirled in the dance. The gentlemen gallantly held her waist. In social networks there were enthusiastic responses from the fans present at the concert spectators.

“Cool, unplanned and unforgettable evening. Next to sing, to dance and to see before him the great singer of our country is just awesome. She’s a star. We have none, and no more. Even there’s no standing”, “Soulful, piercing and unforgettable! Diva at the distance of couple of meters in the scenery of the gorgeous courtyard of the Mikhailovsky Castle!” – discussed the performance of the Diva in social networks.

At the end of the evening, as Komsomolskaya Pravda reports, Pugachev said: “That is nice, let the other, but the voice is back!”.