Alla Pugacheva took intimate videos of Galkin

Алла Пугачева сняла интимное видео с Галкиным Diva decided to shock fans of candid video with her husband. She took video Galkin in his underwear. Showman, in turn, decided to publish candid video on the personal page. “Max got me to be on Instagram, here took his phone, took off and put. Pugacheva” – so named fresh video on the web.

Alla Borisovna has decided to re-show the fans family life with Maxim Galkin. Now the star couple has a rest in warm edges.

Fans often asked the comedian why Diva rarely publishes photos and videos. A large army of fans of the singer following her on Instagram, each frame of the artist causes a lot commentaries.

In the last movie Alla decided to show what her husband walks around the house. Maxim did not hesitate to appear in front of fans in his shorts.

Алла Пугачева сняла интимное видео с Галкиным“You!” You’d better put your pants on! I am a woman grown, I have nasnimal in my life!” said Diva to her husband in the video.

“I love you. It’s just a dream to hug you! Love”, “Good joke, Alla!”, “Modest and wise Maxim Alla Borisovna! Happiness to your home!” “What R likes about you, let the happiness will last for many years”, – said fans of the pair.

Fans of the Diva have long known that the age difference between her and Maxim Galkin for 27 years. Recently, the comedian decided to tell you, when I first saw his future wife. As it turned out, Pugacheva knew the showman long before the fateful meeting in Belarus at a music festival. According to the official version, they met in 2001, but it is not so.

Maksim posted on Instagram photos taken in East Germany in 1979, it depicts Alla and his parents. At the time the humorist was only three years old, the singer already was the real star of the USSR.