Alla Pugacheva threw a party for friends in the castle

Алла Пугачева закатила вечеринку для друзей в замке Diva noted the birthday in the company of star guests. Alla Pugacheva invited to the celebration closest to her. Diva decided to organize a feast in a warm home environment.

      April 15 one of the most celebrated singers of our country Alla Pugacheva noted the special date. The diva turned 68 years old. Birthday Diva: scandals, secrets and revelations style ones

      In your birthday Alla Borisovna has decided to stay home, abandoning the noisy celebration in the restaurant. So friends and relatives of the prima Donna, came to congratulate her in the castle in the village of Mud. Maxim Galkin gave to understand that the distinguished guests were a pleasant surprise for his wife. “Surprise for Alla”, signed Maxim Galkin in the microblog in which the hero of the occasion depicted in the company of friends and loved ones.

      Among the guests to congratulate Alla Borisovna and her beautiful date Christina Aguilera, Denis Baysarov, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Yuliya Proskuryakova, Marina Yudashkin, IDA Dustman, Alina Redel.

      By the way, the guests came to a party at the castle Pugacheva dressed as if they have been prescribed a dress code – some guests chose outfits of white and gold colors and the other black. The very same Alla Borisovna at the ceremony was in a delicate dress with embroidered flowers and Flirty bare shoulders. The birthday girl looked fantastic, which immediately said the fans who saw the photos from the festival Diva in social networks.

      “What a beauty, congratulations to you, Alla!”, “Alla Borisovna looks very good, well done,” “Allah, of course, fire! Like a girl”, “Well, just chess pieces on the chess floor, and Alla Borisovna – the Queen! We love you so much!” – a Declaration of love to the birthday girl’s fans.

      The final chord of the celebration was the luxurious cake decorated with roses and lighted candles. They had him in style – in complete darkness, the applause and the song Happy birthday, which was performed by guests of Alla. It was designed in the form of cake, so on Sunday the whole country is celebrating Easter.

      It is worth noting that the attention of the users of the Network this evening has been chained not only to Alla Pugacheva. Stared at fans and Julia Proskuryakova. They thought that the wife of Igor Nikolaev once again expecting a child. However, these conjectures are first denied Maxim Galkin, and then Yulia said in a microblog that she is not planning to become a mother for the second time.

      “After the previous photo users and journalists, the question arose, not whether the pregnant Julia. Alla tested: unfortunately, no,” the entertainer signed photo Proskuryakova with Alla Borisovna.

      At the end of the evening Pugacheva has shared with fans a video in which the son of Harry congratulates her on a holiday and wish to always stay beautiful and be happy. Fans of the Divas were amazed at the artistry of the boy. “The most expensive gift”, – said Alla Borisovna in the post.