Алла Пугачева запоет шансон
The diva is preparing to impress the audience.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Alla Pugacheva was never afraid of experiments. And still not afraid! On April 16 the first time she will perform on one stage with performers of chanson. The diva will perform in the Kremlin at the 15th ceremony of delivery of the award “Chanson year”.

By the way, singer’s husband Maxim Galkin also invited to the concert as a guest of honor along with Yuri Antonov, Vyacheslav Dobrynin and Willy Tokarev. In the concert program this evening declared Leonid Agutin, Michael Bublik, Elena Vaenga, Irina Krug, the group “felling” and “lube”, Stas Mikhailov, Alexander Novikov, Evgeny Kemerovo, Rada Rai and many other artists.

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