Alla Pugacheva showed herself in 17 years

Алла Пугачева показала себя в 17 лет

Today Alla Pugacheva celebrates its 67th birthday. In honor of this event, “the woman who sings” interrupted the protracted silence in the social networks and published a photograph in which she is depicted at a young age.

On his page in Instagram Alla posted a picture of yourself 17-year-old and accompanied it with the comment: “I am 17 years old. Brought to the Studio to record the song “Robot”. Scary as much horror!”

Алла Пугачева показала себя в 17 лет

It is worth saying that in this photo of a Diva not to know – short hair, dark hair. It seems that it isn’t Joe. The same opinion is shared by the followers and the stars, which pointed out that they have quite unusual to see an idol without the famous lush fleece and a traditional favorite outfit – hoodie.

Later Alla Borisovna has added a frame where she is more like himself.

Members in one voice began to write “Beautiful”, “Lovely” and to congratulate.

Алла Пугачева показала себя в 17 лет

By the way, the first wife happy birthday congratulated beloved husband Maxim Galkin. On his page in the microblog he published dedicated to the birthday girl poem:

Let it be everything in life
The warmest,
Most dear,
Very beautiful,
The most faithful,
Most necessary,
Quiveringly tender,
The most friendly,
Only pleasant
Only good,
Almost impossible
Just fun,
Just favorite,
But be sure

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