Алла Пугачева показала видеоролик с подросшим сыном
Little Harry has become an Internet star.

Maxim Galkin with his son Harry

Photo: Instagram

Alla Pugacheva has published on the page in social network
the video, which for the first hour scored tens of thousands of views, thousands
of likes and hundreds of comments. Star mini-film, of course, was her son Harry.

Alla Borisovna does not get tired to admire and wonder at the antics
young Pathfinder, who, like all boys, really need somewhere
to climb. In the latest video report, which is published by people’s artist,
the two-year kid needed to get to the basket, in which lay a Christmas tree
toys. He climbed there for a long time and carefully.

It should be noted that Allah refers to those mothers who
consider that for the harmonious development of the child needs to learn from their mistakes, not be afraid to make mistakes, to explore the world, to make discoveries — though not always successfully. That’s why she made no attempts to help his son. Even when
Harry happily climbed in the cart and she turned around and the boy fell
upside down, the singer only laughed good-naturedly. Ran the nanny only
just put the basket in place. “Hold!” — clearly asked Harry with a babysitter and
pleasure began to dig into the toys, and then showing booty
nestroganoj mother.

Subscribers stars noted that the baby has grown. Hair
Harry, who used to be reddish, darkened and became even more twisted.
The boy is very like his father Maxime. Daughter Alla
so similar to itself that one of the last photos she called
her “Pugachevka”. Fans of the star family unanimously agreed that it
the nickname of the incredibly suitable Lisochka.


A video posted by @orfey75alla on May 23, 2016 at 12:26pm PDT

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