Алла Пугачева блистает на светских раутах в Юрмале The singer regularly visits concerts and events. Alla Pugacheva’s having a great time in Latvia. The actress strikes a toned figure. Fans also noted that the Diva is incredibly freshened for the holidays.

      Alla Pugacheva living large in Jurmala. Now the actress, along with her husband Maxim Galkin delight fans with appearances at different social events. Not long ago, the Diva stayed at the concert of her daughter Kristina Orbakaite. For the release of the singer chose a black top, white skirt to the floor and a brown jacket. Many noted that the Diva looked extremely stylish and fit. The company at a concert of Pugacheva and Galkin were their close friends and composer Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia Proskuryakova and Alina Redel. They were looking forward to going on stage Christina Aguilera. Apparently, the Diva was in good spirits – communicate with their friends and enjoyed a performance by my daughter.

      Yulia Proskuryakova was happy that Aguilera sang the song, the author of which was the daughter Yulia Nikolaeva.

      “Beautiful, gorgeous, kind and sensitive, Christina Aguilera performs the song, written by our Julia Nikolaeva. So it was nice to hear it. Thank you for a great concert, your unreal dedication and, of course, for the talent and warmth that you give to people! Love and kisses. Always your Nikolaevy,” wrote the actress in the microblog.

      Aguilera also sang the famous song to my mom – “You are there”. The culmination of the evening was the release of the band after the speech daughter. Alla did not get up on stage and presented a bouquet from the auditorium. In order to hug and kiss mom, Christine had to kneel.

      The next evening after the concert, Aguilera, the Diva held the concert of the famous Latvian musician Intars Busulis. For the Russian audience he is known for the participation in the project “the Voice” on channel one, where he reached the semi-finals. The most memorable speech of the artist was the performance of famous song “I draw”. Concert Busulis Alla came accompanied by her husband. Company star pair made up, as before, Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev.

      At the end of the evening, the Diva posed in front of cameras. Fans could not help but note that over the summer held in Jurmala, Alla incredibly freshened.

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