Alla Pugacheva severely restricts your diet

Алла Пугачева жестко ограничивает себя в еде Diva surprised fans with a rather meager diet. Alla Pugacheva not eating meals, enjoyed her children and her husband Maxim Galkin.

Husband of Donna has published a home video. The video shows the touching moments of the star, comedian and actress, Alla and their lunch. Twins Lisa and Harry differ a healthy appetite, but the singer almost doesn’t touch the food.

“Do you like sardines?”, asks comedian from Alla.Sadly, the singer replied: “Carrots”.

Fans say that Alla is every year becoming slimmer. For several decades the singer is a real style icon for millions of fans. In recent years, the artist began increasingly to appear in public in a mini, showing slender legs. Alla does not tire to show slender figure. But the star has never hesitated to tell that he loves delicious food. The singer adhered to a strict diet, but sometimes allow myself the indulgence in food.

Apparently, now Alla Borisovna has reached harmony with the body. Pleasure Diva eats vegetables and actively spending time with children and spouse.

Recently Alla Borisovna has published another picture on Instagram, which created a furor among users of the Network. In front of the fans, she appeared in short shorts and a plaid shirt.

“Ah, if… the Sun in the sky is very, very good”, – has signed a frame artist.

Many fans of the Diva admired how perfect looks the favorite of millions. They immediately filled up the actress with compliments, noting her bright youth style. “I were 20 years younger, but it can not boast of such a figure. There is, leveled at anyone”, “I Alla didn’t even know such a bright blonde it was never,” “Forever young and beautiful. Such stars now are not, so it’s time to go on stage,” – opinions of fans of the singer.

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