Алла Пугачева спасла племянника от гепатита Vlad Pugachev grieved at the death of his father Eugene, brother of the prima Donna. The young man began to consume a banned substance, was paralyzed. Aunt paid for treatment in Israel and later took custody of a grandnephew.
Алла Пугачева спасла племянника от гепатита

The story of shiftless relative of the Diva had a few years ago. The only nephew of Alla Vlad was not able to overcome a bad habit, for which he paid with his own health. The young man earned a paraplegic four years could not walk, and aunt fully paid for treatment in an Israeli hospital. However, it turned out that this is not all. “StarHit” found that Pugachev gave another $100 thousand to save Vladislav from hepatitis C.

“He contracted on the background of other problems. For a long time led an irregular life, contracted hepatitis. Constantly complained and eventually persuaded Dolly parton to help him. Was already in such a state that just could die – was swollen belly, sore joints, disturbed sleep”. – said “StarHit” in the environment of the singer.
Алла Пугачева спасла племянника от гепатита

The illness struck not only the liver, but also influenced the functioning of the digestive and immune systems. For treatment he was again sent to one of the Israeli hospitals, located in the city of Herzliya. Cost of services amounted to more than six million rubles. Then, the 32-year-old Vlad was in rehab and was taking strong medication.

The man has repeatedly stated that without the help of an aunt would have cost nothing. She not only put him on his feet, but even provided a flat in the North-West of the capital. Repairs in the apartment did famous designer Mila Stavitskaya. With his wife and the mother of the son Genis, Victoria, Vlad divorced. Dating a girl Catherine, recently they got engaged. Professionally implemented and failed, but occasionally works part-time. The child is not seen for several years. The boy, who in September will mark seven years old, lives at the driver Pugacheva. Often, along with Lisa and Harry Galkinym Eugene are invited to the birthdays of the children of celebrities.