Alla Pugacheva “removed from friends” Stas Kostushkin

Алла Пугачева «удалила из друзей» Стаса Костюшкина At a recent event, the singer was asked about the embarrassment that took place in Jurmala, Latvia a couple of years ago. Then Stas has fallen by Dolly parton. Kostyushkin told that several times apologized to the band for the incident, but since then did not communicate with the star. According to Stas, Donna unsubscribed from him in one of the social networks.

      Two years ago at the closing ceremony of the contest “New wave” in Jurmala there was a small incident. It happened during a performance of Stas Kostushkin. When the artist performed the song “Woman, I don’t dance”, he went to the places where Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin. Further Kostyushkin jumped up on the table, behind which sat a Diva. However, the fragile structure could not withstand the weight of an inflated Stas, and the singer fell to Alla Borisovna.

      Visitors of the concert Kostyushkina chose to forget about the incident. Smiling Diva trimmed hair and Stas continued the concert as if nothing had happened. Celebrity guests sitting next to Pugacheva, just smiled and continued to enjoy singing artist.

      Recently, at the ceremony “Golden gramophone”, the journalists talked with Stas Kostyushkin. They asked the actor about the incident a couple of years ago. Kostyushkin told media representatives that Alla Pugacheva unsubscribed from him in one of the social networks. According to Stas, it is quite a long time did not communicate with Alla Borisovna.

      “For the case before I Alla Borisovna has already apologized. But there was also a series of events that did not have time to ask forgiveness. Since then, we haven’t heard from her. Pugacheva unfollowed me in Instagram, removed, it can be said of friends,” he told reporters Stas Kostyushkin.

      It should be noted that the incident in Riga, was hardly the cause of the act of Alla. The Diva herself reacted to the situation with humor and stated that it is not offended by Kostyushkina. Moreover, after some time the artists decided to repeat the incident. During last year’s “New wave” Stas deliberately sang the song in the vicinity of Pugacheva. Then Alla Borisovna got up from his seat and headed for the exit, however, former member of the “Tea for two” stop the Diva. When celebrities portrayed this scene, visitors to the event are unable to contain laughter. However, as Pugacheva, happy Podgrusha Kostyushkin. The singer also told the that several times apologized for the confusion of the forest, and during the concert, and afterwards, at the party.

      By the way, the latest publication of the prima Donna in “Instagram” was made on July 29, 2016. Since then, the woman hasn’t updated his microblog. In addition, the artist is not signed hundreds of accounts like this usually make active Internet users. Alla prefers to follow the lives of two dozen people, among which mostly consists of her relatives and friends – Kristina Orbakaite, Nikita Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, Marina Yudashkin, Denis Baysarov, Olga Krutoy, Filipp Kirkorov.