Алла Пугачева отказалась от театра в Санкт-Петербурге Diva came from the shareholders of the companies, which she dedicated years. Now this project will deal with completely different people. However, the courts of the land where was located the building of the theatre is still continuing.

      Алла Пугачева отказалась от театра в Санкт-Петербурге

      From the moment when the ex-Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko has allocated Alla Pugacheva plot size of 2.7 hectares, it has been more than four years. All this time, circumstances interfered with the Diva to realize our plans – the singer hoped to begin the construction of the building which housed the “Theatre songs of Alla Pugacheva”.

      Tired of the regular courts and the five-year standoff with the city Government and the Committee of property relations, the Diva decided to renounce the theatre named after himself, on Vasilyevsky island.

      “More cultural center project in St. Petersburg has nothing to Alla Borisovna, − commented on the “StarHit” the lawyer Pugacheva Marina Murasheva. She came out of the shareholders. If built, it will be called simply the Theatre of song”.

      The courts of the land at the mouth of the river Smolenka is still going on. First, it tried to take from theater under the pretext that this place was supposed to be pass highway, then allegedly expired agreement for the land. However, while Themis tenant, which was for a long time and Joe.

      By the way, when I became aware of the problems which had to face the star, many cities have proposed to build a Theatre building in their territory. But for Alla Borisovny and other shareholders, it was important to implement his plan in the cultural capital.