Алла Пугачева отказалась от материнского капитала
Maxim Galkin said that he can provide for his family.

Photo: Instagram

At the wedding of his eldest grandson Alla Pugacheva has publicly complained that she has very little pension, and for this reason she will not be able to financially help the young. Diva, of course, kidding, she’s generally known for a great sense of humor. This, incidentally, prove and the video they recently recorded together with Laima Vaikule. But the words about retirement sunk into the soul of the public — and they came to the Pension Fund.

There thinking how can you help the pensioner Pugacheva? Here, the journalists remembered that Alla Pugacheva has the right to receive maternity capital. Because the law no matter who gave birth to children — a real mother or a surrogate, or even children just adopted. Anyway, Alla is entitled to a one-time payment. Today, the maternity capital is 453026 rubles. And since Lisa and Harry Galkin has already turned three years, the money Pugacheva and Galkin could spend, for example, to pay for private kindergarten or education. Could be more for the improvement of living conditions, but the castle in which lives the family Pugacheva and Galkina, and so is a real miracle of architecture — what is there to improve?

However, Maxim Galkin said that the maternity capital Pugacheva is not going to. “I, thank God, has a family, and we have enough money!” he said, and asked to continue to relate to the jokes Alla so seriously.