Алла Пугачева презентует свой очередной шлягер в новогоднюю ночь Fans can see performances of the actress. In the network appeared the information that Alla will participate in the holiday show. However, the pop star and her representatives, these rumors have not been confirmed.
Алла Пугачева презентует свой очередной шлягер в новогоднюю ночь

Shortly before the airing of the new year’s TV show, the Network has begun active discussion of artists who will delight the Russians with their performances in the festive night. According to some, one of the participants of the lights will be Alla Pugacheva. The Diva herself indirectly confirmed this information. The star left a post on the social network, which told about the upcoming participation at the program of the First channel.

“New song of Oleg Vladi “I flew”. Specifically for Christmas lights on the Ground, at the request of fans. Happy new year!” – said Pugacheva.

Fans of the Diva and her friends were delighted by such a statement. After all, last year Alla Borisovna has become the object of persecution. One rostovchanin Vadim Adamyan wrote the petition, which demanded to change the mesh of the Christmas broadcast. Then he pounced on hypnotherapy, which, in his opinion, already for many years performs at the gala show. Diva is not left behind.

“Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect! So, life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans. Again to see this is true happiness” – the actress responded to criticism from the public.

It is noteworthy that later the petitioner apologized to the pop star.

“In any case did not want to hurt you or even worse – hurt. Unfortunately, my words were misinterpreted. There is another petition, not mine, it is the header added fuel to the fire and caused violent reactions of artists and media. I did not call to expel the air you or your colleagues. However, I think you will agree that Christmas the air of Federal channels is to improve, to change its format. Sure, fans were excited to be with you like at the same table. But there are those, to whom this work is not close. As you rightly said, the plan looks like not logical. With your work mark, especially like the songs “Call me”, “Candle”, “another snowstorm”… Creating the petition, did not expect that it would cause a major stir, provoke your friends, enemies, fans,” – said in the explanation of Manoukian.