Алла Пугачева выложила селфи без макияжа Fans are actively discussing the appearance of the artist. Alla Pugacheva has published a photograph immediately after a treatment. The star did not shy about his appearance and refers to such images with humour.

Alla Pugacheva often surprises the fans with a bright appearances. Over the past few years the Diva has completely changed the style and began to choose daring and youth outfits. According to fans, she looks much younger than his age. Moreover, the singer is not shy to be photographed without makeup. So, in her Instagram just got a picture in which the idol of millions captured immediately after a treatment.

“With light steam! Tomorrow with a clear conscience go to the polls”, – has signed a frame Joe.

Fans were delighted with saucy photos. According to them, Alla Borisovna has a gorgeous irony, time does not hesitate to reveal himself to the public without styling or cosmetics. Almost immediately after the publication of the image on the Diva barrage of compliments.

“You are good, health to you”, “that’s clever, not afraid to show the pictures without makeup and with a wet head”, “Beautiful woman with inner harmony. You any image to the person”, – shared their views subscribers artist.

The star is not the first time posting a selfie, which appears without a gram of cosmetics. These are the pictures most of all love her fans, because they Pugacheva looks incredibly sincere and happy.

Despite the fact that every image is great interest among the public, the prima Donna is in no hurry to share secrets of its appeal. Earlier she told me that sitting on a pretty strict diet, which helped the star to come into such great shape. Many fans also believe that the impact on the perfect appearance Pugacheva has her husband Maxim Galkin. After the wedding, and the birth of her twins the actress literally blossomed.

Deep feelings Pugacheva and Galkin there is no doubt from fans of the star family. The comedian has repeatedly posted posts that were dedicated to his beloved. Also often on the pages of both spouses appear in Instagram videos and photos with their children. In the opinion of the subscribers, the daughter of the artists most similar to Dolly parton, but the son of Harry still look like his father.

Children of the stars are already showing creativity. Lisa enjoy dancing and singing, and Harry likes to read poems on camera. Galkin and Pugacheva admitted that the kids have completely changed their attitude to life. Now both parents tend to spend all my free time at home with family.