Алла Пугачева опубликовала фото без макияжа Diva takes a break from scenic images in Jurmala. Pugacheva spends the summer in the society of the wife of Maxim Galkin and children Lisa and Harry. Fans noted the similarity in the picture of Alla with her daughter Kristina Orbakaite.

      Alla Pugacheva enjoy a family vacation under the shade of old trees in the pearl of the Baltic States – Jurmala. For the summer holidays with her husband Maxim Galkin and children Lisa and Harry Diva chosen one of the best on the coast mansions.

      Villa “Marta” with an area of 2500 square meters hospitably opened their arms to the star family. Here Alla Borisovna can rest from cosmetics and scenic images, and enjoying naturalness.

      “Jurmala. “A little sun in cold water” – quoted Pugachev title of the novel of famous French writer Francoise Sagan under a selfie, which she published in his microblog. In the photo Diva without makeup, her face brightens smile.

      “Alia B., keep it up! Beauty nothing can spoil! You are super! Bravo! Bright our sun, let it Shine for a long time” “at first I thought it was Christina, your daughter! How do you look like krasotulki”, “In this photo, a strong resemblance to Christina”, “Boy that is not shy natural”, “easy to see who Christina! Copy, I never noticed the similarities, And it’s not cold, we went swimming a couple of days ago – just fine,” wrote fans Pugacheva in the comments.

      By the way, Alla and her family is not hiding from the public in Jurmala. Stars can often be seen on the streets. Galkin rides his bike and walks to the local grocery store, and Pugachev’s having fun with the kids on the Playground.

      However, for country residences of celebrities, here they are attentive to their safety. To calmly abide in the Latvian resort and not worry about the invasion of privacy, the prima Donna used the services of a private security company. The employees of this company worked on the “New wave”.

      Alla Pugacheva and Ivan Urgant had a lot of fun in Jurmala

      Five security guards are always on site, Alla, not allowing outsiders to show excessive curiosity. “For the provision of such services is always a contract – said “StarHit” one of the employees of the company SP Legions. – Of course, as the star she was made off. In General, the cost of protection for such a long period – about three million rubles.”

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