Alla Pugacheva persuaded to become the star of a new clip

Аллу Пугачеву уговаривают стать героиней нового клипа Diva ponders the proposal of the stylist Alisher. In a future video Alla Pugacheva plays the role of a true style icon. Alisher wants to capture the singer, believing that now she looks better than ever.

      Аллу Пугачеву уговаривают стать героиней нового клипа

      Alla Pugacheva unlike other Russian celebrities never hid from the public his age. Loyal fans of the singer know that April 15 this year, the Diva turns 67 years old. However, time clearly has no power over the woman. With age Alla becomes more effective and leaner, and for the last time in appearance and style adored by millions of viewers artist has been such a dramatic change that the singer has made a name for himself and his great shape literally everyone.

      Stylist and singer Alisher, who is not the first year working on the image of Alla Borisovny, believes that the Diva looks better now than ever and encourages her to capture this gorgeous time in her life, starring in the video. “I always say to her: “Alla Borisovna, open legs, not hide them under the robes. While there is something to show, open up!” Of course, she immediately agreed with me – shared stylist Alisher Pugacheva in an interview. – We argued a lot. But now I see that Pugachev was to trust me in this regard”.

      By the way, at the end of February a new image of Alla Pugacheva has made an incredible impact on the audience, who came to the anniversary concert of composer Raymond Pauls in the capital’s Crocus city Hall. The diva appeared on stage in stylish sunglasses, fashionable leggings and heels. Her outfit was complemented with a fur Cape. By the way, hair star has also undergone some changes. The singer’s hair became shorter and lighter. In short, Alla Borisovna has become a true style icon.

      In fact, the role of the fashionable and stylish diva and she offers to play in the video stylist Alisher, who, by the way, did the video for Zemfira, Kristina Orbakaite and other performers. “I proposed to Alla Borisovne to remove the clip, where Pugachev will be in the image of a fashion diva. The song, the outfits will pick up. But Alla Borisovna laughed: “it’s a fashion diva!” I said, “You are a beautiful woman. You don’t know how much more so will look. You need to capture! Be cool!”, – quotes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” stylist and singer Alisher. According to him, Alla Pugacheva promised to consider this proposal.

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