Alla Pugacheva moved with the children to Jurmala

Алла Пугачева с детьми переезжает в Юрмалу

Alla Pugacheva together with their children Lisa and Harry left Russia. Pacify fans of the actress and we note that this relocation is temporary – just for the summer.

In principle, for people who follow the life of a prima Donna, her departure is not news. Tradition to spend the summer abroad appeared in the life of Alla Borisovny for a long time. However, this time Pugacheva has decided to change the location of Israel chose Jurmala.

Alla has already chosen a luxurious mansion on the coast, which in size is not inferior to them with Maxim Galkin castle in the suburbs. The residence area is 2500 square meters, while the estate has everything necessary for comfortable living, such as pool, tennis courts that can be transformed into a concert hall, sauna, library, cinema room, a winter garden, a Conservatory with a bamboo grove. One of the highlights is considered a mosaic of leaves of 24 carat gold adorning the Spa area. It is known that the bath house is decorated with Brazilian blue granite, and the walls of the rooms – the cherry tree.

A plus for families Pugacheva is that no one curious photographer can’t take pictures of his personal life, because in the house there are no Windows! Unbelievable, but somehow, the architects tried and made so that the light penetrates through the glass ceiling.

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