Alla Pugacheva lost millions on the construction of the mansion

Алла Пугачева потеряла миллионы на постройке особняка A friend of the singer told about the deception of the workers, who worked on the star. To help Alla Pugacheva came designer Mila Stavitskaya and her husband. They helped the celebrity to deal with the situation. Further Stavitskaya became a friend of the actress.

Recently in the Moscow region was held the festival “17 moments” dedicated to the memory of Vyacheslav Tikhonov. In Pavlovsky Posad, where the event took place, came and designer Mila Stavitskaya, a longtime friend of Alla Pugacheva. The woman told reporters how she held her first meeting with the Russian pop Diva.

According to Stavitskaya, and Pugachev brought unpleasant incident. Then the famous artist was engaged in the construction of suburban real estate. It is known that the operation lasted more than one year. It was alleged in the media, Alla Borisovna was caught dishonest employees, assigns her money in especially large sizes.

“We with Alla Borisovna met when she was built and could not finish his house in Small Berezhki. And all because it threw money at the builders, is quoted Stavitskaya journalists. – More than one million left in the sand. This lasted until until mutual friends won’t set her up with my husband (who is the husband of Mila occupies a high position in the Ministry of construction of Russia. – Ed.). He quickly razrulil and found the finest craftsmen. Alla and she is a great designer. Comes up with the interiors, and I implement them”.

By the way, in his famous house in Istria Pugacheva longer lives. First she gave real daughter Kristina Orbakaite, and then the owner of the mansion was the grandson of the prima Donna Nikita Presnyakov. A young man arranges a noisy party with friends.

After was born the son of Alla Harry, the singer invited the friend to be his godmother. Stavitskaya did not think twice. “It was incredibly nice. I readily agreed,” shared a friend of the star.

Journalists contacted her husband Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. The broadcaster refused to comment on the information about the vast losses of his wife. According to Galkina, he does not know, whence there was such information, therefore, can say nothing about it. In turn, Stavitskaya also not confirmed information, received wide publicity.

“It was 20 years ago and I don’t remember who was there. Was a good construction company, good people. They managed to finish in time. Alla were satisfied,” – said the designer after some time.

In the nearest plans Stavitskaya – opening house-Museum of Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Women are actively engaged in this project, because to represent the cultural institution it is necessary to have in August to the Day of Russian cinema. The designer managed to find the interior of the legendary actor, who will see to the General public.

“Ready-made designs and project. We found authentic furniture Tikhonov. I’m sure the end result is very interesting and worthy,” says the designer.

At the festival of remembrance Tikhonov launched a year dedicated to the artist, in his native land. In Pavlovskiy Posad appears a theme Park, and Volodarskaya street, where once lived the actor, renamed in his honor.

According to “Express newspaper” and the Fifth channel.