Алла Пугачева лишилась почти двух миллионов долларов The founder of “Vlastiliny” Valentina Solovieva were even passport Diva. In the 90 years of celebrity, too, believed in the leaders of the financial pyramid, hoping to get more income. However, many just lost money without getting anything in return.
Алла Пугачева лишилась почти двух миллионов долларов

In the early 90’s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, people were looking for any way to earn money. Financial pyramids have become one of possibilities to get rich. Bright commercials promised substantial income without effort – you only need to make money and make a profit.

Valentina Solovyeva was one of those who managed to establish the scheme, she sold the apartment, car, and gave high interest rates under deposits due to the constant influx of new members. “Vlastilina” existed only two years. Apparently, the founder assumed that her business will not last long. However, her actions affected and stars, including the Diva.

“Alla Borisovna came on the last day of work was a concert, and they brought 1 750 000$. We did not agree, after the concert, I went with Philip into the office. Left a passport, I wrote a receipt, she was on the second day of issue. And on the second day there was a withdrawal. There was 300 thousand dollars, the rest I took,” – said Valentina.
Алла Пугачева лишилась почти двух миллионов долларов

Guests in the Studio program “Let them talk” were surprised by such huge amounts for the beginning of the 90s. However, Solovieva it was business as usual. According to her, she had a turnover of half a billion dollars.

However, after the pyramid collapsed, Valentina Ivanovna was arrested. In the past couple of years was the consequence, and then was sentenced. But she didn’t explain what happened to the money that was collected from depositors.

“What I went through, I do not want anyone. 10 years in prison, 2 years of the investigation,” – says the founder of the “Vlastiliny”.

Valentina Ivanovna admitted that he was not personally acquainted with the other founder of the financial pyramid “MMM” Sergey Mavrodi. She remembered that only a few saw it when it was a consequence.

“This is 2005, we were transported from court to court. Mavrodi and a few others got in our van. What I noticed, he had long hair, a beret unthinkable. But the face white. I shouted “James, is that you?” – said Solovyov.