Alla Pugacheva lit with friends in provocative outfit

Алла Пугачева зажгла с друзьями в провокационном наряде Diva congratulated Alina Redel, which threw a party for close friends. Among the guests friend Alla was Philip, Marina Yudashkin, IDA Dustman and many more. Close Redel was delighted with the event.

On Wednesday evening, a close friend of Alla Pugacheva Alina Redel said birthday. For this reason the woman decided to have a party in one of the restaurants located in the center of Moscow. On the feast of the birthday girl visited prima Donna, Philip, Marina Yudashkin, IDA Dustman, Arina Sharapova, designer Dmitry Demin and others.

Alla shone in bright red jacket and leather mini skirt. The singer has supplemented her image a wide black belt, and sunglasses in the frame “cat’s eye”. Designer Dmitry Demin shared the picture, which the Diva tried on a Flirty silver hat with a veil. Fans Pugacheva delighted with its appearance.

“The years didn’t kill her love of life, ability to make friends and to enjoy the success of others. Live long, Erika, for us to enjoy,” wrote the Diva on Twitter, adding the hashtag “a Friend of my days harsh”.

According to connoisseurs of the Diva, she looked terrific. “Red suits her”, “Wow”, “Beautiful – out of time”, “Alla looks incredible,” commented fans of the stars.

A real gift for friend Pugacheva became Phillip Kirkorov’s concert. The king of Russian show business entertained the guests with a rousing performance of all your favorite hits. Alina Redel and her family began to dance when he heard a familiar melody. Many supported Kirkorov with thunderous applause.

By the way, Philip also gave the birthday girl a sumptuous bouquets of flowers. They towered over the table, which was Laden with delicious dishes. Apparently, Alina Redel was moved by the sign of attention from the famous artist.

The culmination of the evening was the presentation of a huge birthday cake, worked pastry chef Alexander Seleznev. Dessert pink color were adorned with roses and hearts. “As always on top. Everyone loves Alina”, “Masterpiece”, “Wow”, “Beautiful birthday girl, it looks great. Her health and joy,” discussed the Internet users.

Close friends of Alla shared their emotions from the party on social networks. “Luxurious”, “Thank you for a wonderful holiday! Friends are always there”, “Because well,” wrote guests Alina Redel.

By the way, the night before Maxim Galkin posted a photo on Instagram where Alla is posing in long black dress and sunglasses. Commenting on the publication, the lead was laconic. “At a party with my friends!” – said Galkin. It is possible that the picture was taken not at the birthday Alina Redel, and informed. Fans of Alla was fascinated in what form it is in. “Classy,” “always on top”, “super”, “Slender, beautiful, fun”, “Love”, “skinny”, “Diva”, “Talented”, “keep it up”, “Good”, is discussed by users of social networks.