Alla Pugacheva is recovering from a heart attack

Алла Пугачева восстанавливается после сердечного приступа On Monday, the journalists reported that the Diva wasn’t feeling well and was forced to turn to medical professionals. Daughter of the famous singer Christina Aguilera has shed light on the reasons for which she paid a visit to the doctors.
Алла Пугачева восстанавливается после сердечного приступа

On the eve of the media appeared information that in late may, Alla Pugacheva went to the doctor. Diva was examined vessels and the heart. According to journalists, celebrities made a diagnosis of coronary artery disease. Immediately after that the singer went on summer vacation in Jurmala, and it was accompanied by her husband Maxim Galkin and beloved children – twins Lisa and Harry. Director of the actress told the media that she’s all right now.

Alla Pugacheva had surgery. VIDEO

Later in the press appeared information about the reasons for which Alla Pugacheva decided to take the examination. As it turned out, the star thought about how to do stenting, during which the patient establish a special frame inside the vessel. This allows you to expand the narrow part of the artery. Plans celebrity journalists were told by her daughter Kristina Orbakaite.

“Mom had a heart attack. The doctor flew in from London to diagnose. Decided that Bagrat Alekyan gegamovich mom will put another stent in scientific research Institute Vishnevsky. I found out after mom didn’t want me to upset and worry my birthday (I was at this time in America)”, – shared the singer with the correspondents.
Алла Пугачева восстанавливается после сердечного приступа

At the moment Alla is feeling much better. The star is on vacation in Latvia. The singer rented a luxury Villa “Mar”, which is estimated in 15 million Euro. The diva and her husband Maxim Galkin has long been familiar with the owner of this gorgeous property. So he gave them a mansion with a good discount.

Recall that yesterday the journalists made all the fans Alla seriously worried. First in mass media appeared information about the operation, which allegedly moved the celebrity. It was alleged that in late may, the star did stenting. After some time this information was denied by medical professionals. According to them, the Diva was examined, following which the doctors decided to postpone an emergency intervention. As a result, the artist spent in scientific research Institute of a few hours.

“Alla Borisovna we only did a diagnostic. All went well… she’s all right. Most likely, some kind of spasm was”, – quotes the words of the Director of scientific research Institute Vishnevsky Amiran Revishvili “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.