Алла Пугачева стремительно теряет вес
Even more emaciated the singer appeared at the concert of Igor Nikolaev.

“Support group” of Igor Nikolaev

Photo: @uliaveronika Instagram Yulia Proskuryakova

It seems that Alla Borisovna too much attention to the process of losing weight and can not stop. It commented on the fans last appearance beloved by millions artist at the concert of Igor Nikolaev, whose performance Pugacheva visited as a spectator.

In the microblog Yulia Proskuryakova appeared the whole team behind the scenes support of Nikolaev. Support Igor came Valery Syutkin, Raimonds Pauls, and many other creative figures. Among them, the picture is also “wormed” and greatly emaciated Diva. According to fans, the singer even more postrhinal since its last publication. It is possible to see that from under the coats and jackets that are literally hanging on her, look, made even more slender legs actress. This situation was profoundly affected by the army of her fans. They advised 67-year-old Pugacheva attentive to their health. However, it is possible that the effect of the sudden “weight loss” has provoked the changing image of Alla. Now the actress prefers clothes in a youth style, which she looks much younger.

Incidentally, not so long ago Pugacheva has published a photo in which showed how she looks without makeup. The has caused a mixed reaction of fans. Many of them felt that in this form alle is better not to appear before the public. However, the act of a singer worthy of compliments, because most contemporary artists, even young, does not want to show their “true” faces without using photoshop and tons of makeup.

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