Alla Pugacheva is preparing to deliver children’s musical

Алла Пугачева готовится поставить детский мюзикл Diva was inspired by the performance of their wards in the school of talents. Alla Pugacheva was amazed by the concert, which gave her pupils. She saw the guys have a lot of potential, so decided to organize a larger presentation.

      Алла Пугачева готовится поставить детский мюзикл

      For several years, Alla Pugacheva is the leader of the Workshop variety arts for children and youth Recital Club. Recently pupils Diva decided to prepare a Christmas surprise, they invited her to his concert. About this event the actress knew nothing, and therefore was pleasantly surprised by this gift.

      Little artists performed on the stage of the school. At this concert Alla Pugacheva was invited as a spectator, but still not been able to have children. Being in the front row of the auditorium, she gestures tells you how to effectively present themselves to future stars. After each speech, she applauded the boys shouted “Bravo!”, and some performances are so touched by the soul Diva that her eyes were dimmed with tears.

      Also at the concert were invited and celebrity guests, including famous singer and TV presenter Elena North. She was delighted with children’s creativity.

      “For me personally it was very interesting, I know that Alla is a surprise, I think we all enjoyed it”, – told reporters the actress.

      Алла Пугачева готовится поставить детский мюзикл

      After the presentations Alla thanked all who organized the concert, teachers, parents, but most importantly – children. She was pleased that her charges master all of what they were taught in school. Diva reiterated ten unique rules learned from her life, which she shares with her students. Some of the teachings of the celebrity – not to envy the creative work of another artist, to love the audience more than yourself and not copy others.

      “Today, I saw that you will be able to stand up for yourself, sing for yourself and find yourself,’ said the prima Donna to his disciples. – You are in the early stages of his life found himself. Well done! I am proud of you and the teachers. I saw a good show that gives hope to supply something more ambitious – a musical. Thank you, my wonderful children! Criticisms then debriefing later.”

      Alla Borisovna admitted that he loves and believes in all his students. She personally invented the concept of teaching to each student was able to reveal the talent. The diva said that all children are different and need individual approach. Pugachev said case that one of the girls that wanted to sing, you first had to learn the verses. It was easier to force the voice to work correctly. Alla reminded parents and children that the most important is the pursuit of his dream.