Алла Пугачева увлечена талантами малышей Diva spares no effort to make wards these stars. A graduate of “star Factory” Mikhail Grebenshikov has published a video which captures a portion of the classes at the creative workshop of Alla Pugacheva.

For the past couple of years Alla Pugacheva heads the children’s creative workshop “Retsital”. She puts strength and their knowledge in gifted children. Primadonna personally conducts classes for kids who dream of the big stage. It makes the instructions and trying to liberate future artists so they feel confident in front of a huge audience.

In the video, which was published by the first graduate of “star Factory” Mikhail Grebenshikov, he captured a rehearsal of the future of the singer who performed the famous hit of Oleg Gazmanov “Dance until the young”. Alla showed movement that was to follow the young artist. The boy carefully listened to the teachers.

In the workshop Pugacheva, Mikhail Grebenshikov works with children of pop art and happy when she appears in the classroom, to personally monitor and celebrate the progress of their wards. Michael Grebenshchikov: “the Meeting with Alla Borisovna has become shocked me”

“Tell me 10 years ago that included a Diva, I would have believed it was some fairy tale. Love working with children. You can experiment with them – the child trusts you can implement any creative idea. It’s not adult, which is a genre not the style. But children have no such restriction. Students of Alla Pugacheva skill pop art,” said Michael in an interview with “StarHit”.

Some time later, in the Studio Alla was the scandal associated with the graduate of “factory of stars”. Parents complained that they did not like the manner of work of the musician.

“Misha was able to come to class or a concert in the “non-working” condition, was rude, acted rude. At the request of my mother wrote a song for the student, and then all of a sudden gave the song to another child,” said parents of the students.

However, after some time after the dismissal Diva re-hired Grebenshchikov. Apparently, they managed to settle the conflict and misunderstandings with the relatives of inmates. He published a joint photo with Alla Borisovna and put geotag creative workshop. Michael assured that their working relationship all is well.