Alla Pugacheva is looking for artist to record duet

Алла Пугачева ищет артиста для записи дуэта The famous poet-composer Love Voropayeva told about the collaboration with the Diva. According to the author, Alla Pugacheva a year ago bought the rights to a very beautiful duet song but can not produce.

Alla Pugacheva rarely goes on stage and haven’t released a new hits. The star does not deny that he had decided indefinitely to cancel performances. Recently, the actress made an exception and went on stage during the festival Heat. Later it was reported that she became ill due to high temperature. Fans attribute the lull in creativity Pugacheva with her health.

Recently, the composer of Love Voropaeva, who worked with Belousov Zhenya, Ekaterina Semenova and Mikhail Shufutinskim, has told about creative plans of the prima Donna. The fact that Pugachev bought one of the texts of the poet.

“I look forward to when there will be song, the rights to which were acquired by Alla. It happened more than a year ago, but the songs are still there, it is not recorded, as this Duo. There is a very powerful, deep,” shared G. Love.

Fans of the actress would like to Pugacheva released a new hit. However, it is unknown when the recorded arrangement, and who will be the second performer.

Apparently, Alla faced difficulties in finding a decent artist who are able to competently convey the emotional message of the text deep Lyubov Voropayeva. Fans believe that the song performed by Alla Pugacheva will have all the chances to become a hit.

The poet herself admitted that they can be proud of, but not all poems came from her pen. The composer said that she had to go on about fashion for the dance music that had an impact on the quality of the texts.

“Now everything is very difficult. In the song genre is dominated by “La-La, ku-ku,” and is able to write any arranger in the Studio, and the artist himself. That is why many of my poems and continue to be in the table, although it could have been great songs. Often, famous singers say that they do not fit my lyrics and then I listen to their hits and lose the gift of speech. I offered them a winning lottery ticket and they didn’t take it,” – said Voropayeva.

Communicating with the correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the poet admitted that he lives modestly. Despite regular interaction with the stars of the first magnitude, it remains a closed person.