Alla Pugacheva: “I was married for Maxim and children”

Алла Пугачева: «Я венчалась ради Максима и детей» Diva has explained why repeatedly decided on the sacraments. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin a week ago talked about the fact that their marriage is consecrated in the temple. However, not all were willing to rejoice for a power couple. Alla Borisovna had to comment on his move.
Алла Пугачева: «Я венчалась ради Максима и детей»

A week ago Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin told the fans about an important event in the family – the couple was married. The Ordinance has occurred in one of the suburban churches in the presence of close friends, relatives and children, couples, twins Harry and Lisa. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin got married

However, the public reacted to the news very ambiguous. Not everyone is happy for went down the aisle Diva. Many were quick to condemn the star because she got married for the second time in my life. First, we will remind, Alla went to the temple with Philip Kirkorov in 1994. And although the Church does not see repeated wedding nothing wrong with that, people who are a pleasure to criticize celebrities, could not refrain from caustic remarks to the address of Alla Pugacheva.

The very same Alla Borisovna in interview to the program “You won’t believe it” explained why he decided to take this step, by the way, six years after the official marriage with Maxim Galkin.

“I did it for my children, for a husband who married for the first time, – said Alla Pugacheva. – In General, marriages are made in heaven!”

It is worth noting that the couple was preparing for this major step in advance. Maxim Galkin year ago brought the Orthodox faith, paresthesis in one of the capital’s temples. And Alla Pugacheva, as required by Church Canon, received a blessing from the priest at the re-wedding.

By the way, in the day when Pugacheva and Galkin informed fans of the news that their marriage sanctified by the Church, and the prima Donna repented in the first wedding with Philip Kirkorov, calling his action twenty years ago spontaneous.

“I rest of my life I will repent for the first wedding and asking for God’s forgiveness. It was a thoughtless, spontaneous and naive enough step. The devil made me do it. Thank God that I still a second time to get married. Today is a meaningful and righteous action in the name of love and loyalty for the rest of my days. Lord! Prolong my happy life as long as possible in the health and well-being of my husband and children. Amen,” wrote Alla Pugacheva in the microblog a week ago.

It is worth noting that the wedding couple was a surprise even to their close friends. As recognized by Alexander Buinov, for example, an invitation to him to attend the ceremony arrived the night before. The singer said that Alla and Maxim did not want magnificent celebrations and excessive attention to themselves in this important day for them.