Алла Пугачева: «Не понимаю, как мне так повезло с мужем после Киркорова» For the first time Alla Borisovna has dared to candid interviews. In conversation with Oleg Menshikov, the singer admitted that sleeps with Maxim Galkin in different rooms. According to diva, she believes parodist perfect husband, despite the 27 years difference in age.
Алла Пугачева: «Не понимаю, как мне так повезло с мужем после Киркорова»

On the songs of Alla Pugacheva grew more than one generation, and her hits still sound in almost every home. Interest in the prima Donna, not a poem even when she decided to leave the scene, because it is so many years puts the final point, but returned again and again.

Alla is not touring, often performing at private corporate events or state events, are not satisfied with the meeting with fans and gives an interview. Exception 69-year-old star has made only for his old friend Oleg Menshikov, in conversation with whom, for the first time in a long time spoke not only about creativity but also about personal life.

The singer’s family – husband Maxim Galkin and two children, a four year old Harry and Lisa, are almost a reclusive life in a village near Moscow the Dirt. It was there in 2010, the parodist has completed the construction of the present castle, built in the Gothic style – his childhood dream.

“Max, I have the dreamer. He wanted a child lock, and when the money, decided to build it. Although I was initially against. These gargoyles near the entrance frightened me, Yes, and the design seemed strange. But the house is very practical, everything is very well thought out functionally. There is a separate room for children, Christine, Claudia, Danny, for me and for max. I always with their men in a different room to sleep, so all my life,” shared the singer.
Алла Пугачева: «Не понимаю, как мне так повезло с мужем после Киркорова»

In the program “OM Oleg Menshikov” on the YouTube channel, the artist admitted that, despite 27 years difference in age, she is very happy with Maxim Galkin. Although the star does not hide – on the eve of the wedding, she was sure I would be able to grow old with a younger husband.

“I told him and then said, “Max, I will be able you normally to grow old and nothing to worry about?”. He looked at me so seriously and said that I no nothing to worry about. I’m for the first time, felt happy in marriage. I didn’t know what it’s like to be married. I men what was. One Director, other at all… Well, Sirloin, everything is clear. Sirloin I had. And now I look at max, and he is young, beautiful, intelligent, with sense of humor. Still don’t understand how me and him are so lucky. Well this is how many men I had to sort out how many retries to do to find it,” he said.
Алла Пугачева: «Не понимаю, как мне так повезло с мужем после Киркорова»

For many fans of revelation Pugacheva became a real surprise. The star did not hesitate to say about their shortcomings. In particular, noted that in his youth, he was a very reserved person with a mass of complexes.

Denies Alla and the fact that her future career was greatly influenced by a strict upbringing. According to Diva, her childhood almost nothing is permitted, but it had a positive impact on the discipline’s future stars.

“I was up to five years, nothing was impossible. Now, however, this system of education is generally not fashionable. Max and I try not to put pressure on children to watch them, to study the characters. So I look at Lisa now in its fifth year, and she’s an artist. All of it is so admired, and I would not put it online. But then Max takes off, he insists. But I still don’t understand what you will be Lisa. Maybe it is the Russian Brigitte Bardot, and it can be actually a mathematician, because she loves all these figures, schemes. I have yet to learn their children”, – said Pugacheva.

Now Alla Borisovna he tries to spend all his free time to children and beloved husband. While Pugachev’s not thinking about the full return to the stage, but she continues to monitor the development of the music industry. So, Pugachev often watching singing contests on television, exploring new trends and listens to the works of some young artists.

Despite the fact that the star has reduced the creative momentum, it continues to be popular. “People are very strange for me to react. Before whispering, then laughing. Constantly was this: go somewhere, they see me and start laughing. And now the fashion to make. Constantly, everywhere I go, everywhere off”, – said Pugacheva.

However, Diva does not deny that someday may return. According to the artist, she doesn’t like to live on the husband, so sometimes she gets out of the house to work. And yet now Alla is more focused on family matters and the upbringing of the young heirs.