Alla Pugacheva has told, the reason lost weight

Алла Пугачева рассказала, благодаря кому похудела

Sudden onset the second youth of Alla Pugacheva still surprises and delights her fans.

Someone suggests that his Transfiguration Diva obliged plastic surgeons, someone thinks that it is the exclusive merit of Alla Borisovny.

Today, “the woman who sings” has decided to personally reveal who had helped her to freshen up.

As it turned out, to throw 20 pounds 66-year-old actress helped her daughter Kristina Orbakaite.

Thanks to the advice of Christina Alla Borisovna was able to start your diet, give up bad foods and understand the principles of proper nutrition: “the night not to eat the bread. I love salt, but had to be abandoned. Christina taught me. She quickly comes in the form on a low-sodium diet“.

What could be easier?

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