Alla Pugacheva has shocked the journalists, removing the hairpiece during an interview

Алла Пугачева шокировала журналистов, сняв шиньон во время интервью

The Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva loves to surprise the audience, at least in recent times does not do it very often. 68-year-old actress leads a virtually private life, only occasionally getting out, so to speak, in people. 20 APR Pugacheva visited the concert of “radio Dacha”, where were her good friends.

Alla Borisovna was in good spirits and happily chatted with reporters. They in turn bombarded the singer with compliments, they say it looks great. But then suddenly Pugacheva said that its appearance does not merit her and her stylists.

Then happened something even more unusual: “the woman who sings” pulled a hand to her hair and removed the hairpiece, which it very well is. Some time Pugacheva held the bun in his hands, and then sent it to the original location as if nothing had happened. To say that everyone was surprised – not to say anything. It seems that their actions Alla charged all around the positive for the whole evening.