Alla Pugacheva has risked his life for a friend

Алла Пугачева рискнула жизнью ради друга
Diva in peril on the set.

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On Sunday, the people who came to Moscow on the trains of the Belarusian business could see an unexpected picture of the window. Along the railway tracks idly walked… Alla Pugacheva. As it turned out, an unusual location for walking Diva was chosen Alisher her stylist and close friend, who persuaded Dolly parton to star in his new music video.

In a network there were shots taken during filming: they Pugachev is near the railway tracks. It was quite risky. The stress was not only the crew members, but a passing train drivers. One of them, for fear of an accident, a few times gave the prima Donna a warning signal. Despite the danger of what is happening, Alla Borisovna was not to abandon filming.

Alla Pugacheva with the crew members

Pugacheva, by the way, made the clip a furor. Her health and vitality was the envy of many of those who participated in the work on the video. “Great Alla. The honour to work with her”, “Energy has over the edge!”, “Age cannot wither her! The heroine of our time! The man who reached the highest heights, were completely terrestrial, attentive and kind. Health and long life. Alla,by the way, we changed the whole scenario. In short, wait for the clip, Alisher!” — write to the Network participants of the shooting.