Alla Pugacheva has proposed to launch a business selling paintings

Алле Пугачевой предложили запустить бизнес по продаже картин Star of stage painted dozens of extraordinary works. Surrounded by celebrities wonder how many millions of Alla will help out, if put up drawings for sale. Maksim Galkin confessed that designing the building specifically allocated Studio space for his beloved wife.

      Алле Пугачевой предложили запустить бизнес по продаже картин

      During free time from performances Alla Pugacheva engaged in painting. Friends Diva, I assure you, she is fluent in several techniques and has many years of paint. Celebrities always interested to discuss her work. They have their own style and charm, so that even ex-husbands and many years later, easily recognizable style of the artist just by looking at the pictures.

      Third husband of the prima Donna Eugene Boldin recalls that don saw his ex-wife at work. Fourth husband Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, too, will always remember the style of Alla. The actor is sure that she has work worthy of exhibitions. Maxim Galkin is ready to talk for hours about the work of the couple, knowing all work of the woman. He even designed the castle in the village of Mud, considering the wishes of Pugacheva. On the fifth floor, the artist has created a Studio. Besides, the husband of the prima Donna personally selects for her single, brushes and paint.

      “I saw her at the easel, it is on the fifth floor. It’s on the wall very nicely painted recently. It turned out a self-portrait in the style of the artist Zvereva,” said Galkin in the program “You wouldn’t believe” on NTV.

      Christina Aguilera said that hobby mom is so serious that it has moved to a new level. Alla teaches to draw the younger generation. In her house there is a separate room where she conducts master classes for children. She Alla treated his talent as an artist as self-indulgence. Diva never sent paintings to exhibitions and boasted. If the guest house liked drawing, she happily gave.

      Relatives believe that the Diva is preparing to launch a new business and to sell his paintings. Besides, according to the family Pugacheva could earn millions. Professional artists believe that art should not be sold as show. Nikas Safronov, who himself drew singer and is familiar with her work, advises her to submit work for exhibitions.