Алла Пугачева раскрыла размер своей пенсии Some time ago, the Diva uttered a solemn speech on the marriage of grandson Nikita Presnyakov. Turning to the relative and his wife, Alla expressed the hope that they will create a strong family. In addition, the star complained about the small payments from the state.

Wedding of the grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov and his lady Alena Krasnova took place a few weeks ago, and its discussion does not subside until now. Recently, the Network emerged oration Diva, in which she shared with the newlyweds life’s experiences and give guidance.

Turning to Nikita and Alena, Alla expressed the hope that they will cope with life on their own. The star also admitted that being a pensioner does not receive large payments from the state. The guests supported the people’s artist of the USSR thunderous applause.

Wedding Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova. Exclusive. PHOTO. Video

“My children, don’t hesitate to call. You are now an independent family. You now does not need any help. I’m so glad the pension at me small. But the year is still alive. I think that this year — I was prayed for and foretold — and you will do what you dream of”, — said Pugacheva to grandson and his young wife.

Earlier in the press appeared information about the size of pensions Alla. When the star is 55 years old, she was prescribed regular payments in the amount of two thousand. Over time they have increased several times. So, two years ago, Donna received 10700 rubles a month.

Fans of the famous singer know that she does charity work, but prefers not to advertise this fact. Alla helped a great number of friends who never cease to thank her. Of course, on a pension, many do not support the popular artist, there are other sources of income.

Recall that some time ago in mass media there were rumors about the deterioration of the famous singer. Due to the weather, Alla Borisovna became ill at the festival of “Heat” in Baku. As a result, the performer had to turn to medical specialists and to cancel their performance at the concert of Grigory Leps. Fans of the Diva were seriously concerned about her health and discussed this information in social networks.

After a trip to the capital of Azerbaijan, the performer returned to Jurmala, where she spends time with her husband Maxim Galkin and children Lisa and Harry. Apparently, now Alla Borisovna feels in social networks regularly, new photos of the star in which she looks amazing. Recently, Pugacheva went on shopping, many surprising local residents. According to them, a celebrity was in a great mood.