Alla Pugacheva has filed a new lawsuit against Iran Kulikovoj 50 thousand dollars

Алла Пугачева подала новый иск к Ирсон Кудиковой на 50 тысяч долларов Meanwhile, Victor Drobysh requires the husband the graduate of “factory of stars” another 43 million. Diva didn’t want to revert to the letter of the law, but Iron Kudikova not wish to sit at the negotiating table.

      Алла Пугачева подала новый иск к Ирсон Кудиковой на 50 тысяч долларов

      Student Divas have managed to pay off previous debt, as in the Moscow Arbitration court post – saw another statement. Alla Borisovna tells Iran to return the money that Kudikova took from it a later principal.

      “This time we’re talking about $50 thousand, – says “StarHit” lawyer Pugacheva Marina Murashova. – Unfortunately, we had to take this step: initially, we wanted to reach an amicable agreement, even go on some concessions, but so the question again does not resolve. Certainly, Alla Borisovna is very worried every time Iron regret, saying if she has no money… But it’s not. According to experts who recently assessed the property of Kulikovo, its sales will be enough to cover the entire amount of debt – both old and new, and even penalty fees. Therefore, if no money will be refunded as soon as possible, the apartment and other property in Executive production put up for auction”.

      Financial conflict Pugacheva and Kulikovoj broke out with renewed vigor

      It should be noted that some previous debt, Iran already covered – returned Diva $200 thousand But the interest with engaged in the end of 2014 and still not given 7 million rubles drip to this day.

      Soon the family of Kulikovo obviously it won’t be easy. Her husband singer – Alex Nusinov also received a debt claim from another star of the family. Wife of Victor Drobysh Tatiana requires the recognition of entrepreneur bankruptcy and pay back 43 million. “The complaint was filed a few weeks ago, – told to “StarHit” Alexander Konovalov, the financial Manager in the case of debt restructuring Nusinova. – Drobysh not his only creditor”. By the way, at the moment the total debt of Alexei is 1.7 billion rubles.

      Recall, the legal battle between Alla Pugacheva and Iron Kudikova began last year. The diva demanded that former ward return a multimillion-dollar debt and the General business. For a long time the singer tried to find a compromise, but the graduate “factories of stars” was not in a hurry to go to the open dialogue.

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