Alla Pugacheva has entrusted eldest grandson a huge mansion in the suburbs

Алла Пугачева доверила старшему внуку огромный особняк в Подмосковье

Your house located in a Small Berezhki, the prima Donna of the national stage equip more than 30 years. Now, however, the life of Alla runs in the family nest in the village of Mud, which was erected by her husband Maxim Galkin.

House in Small Berezhki remained out of work. But he’s not empty – it took the eldest grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov.

It was in this house childhood 25-year-old boy and it is here that he led his beloved 19 – year-old Alain Krasnov.

Note that despite the age of the house (over 30 years), it is still in excellent condition.

On the ground floor kitchen, hallway and living room. Second floor — living area for owners and their guests. The third floor is the most interesting, saying guests of the house there is a lounge with a skin of the killed bear on the floor and a huge, full-wall Windows. Besides the main house on the plot there is a guest house, a rotunda with wicker furniture and a private jetty with boats.