Alla Pugacheva has declassified the details of the party Olga Cool

Алла Пугачева рассекретила детали вечеринки Ольги Крутой The other day the wife of the composer has noted the birthday in a circle of close friends. The diva has posted exclusive photos from the festival in the Network. Olga herself is trying not to attract unwanted attention to their family.

Olga Krutoy noted the birthday in a circle of close friends in one of capital restaurants. The wife of the composer chose not to have noisy celebrations. Igor Krutoy and his family reverently safeguard the boundaries of personal life and rarely share family news with the General public. Olga hosted a dinner party for her closest friends.

In the media the day of the birth of the composer’s wife was not discussed, however, some guest stars still shared footage from the event. Victoria Lopyreva published in Instagram some photos from the party. And her lover Nikolai Baskov posted a video in which dancing c my girlfriend under the live performance of Igor Krutoy.

“Dear Olga Steep, with all my heart happy birthday, always yours Lopyreva Victoria and I! Thank you for the holiday” – shared his impressions Nikolai.

Alla Pugacheva has also published a few shots from the celebration. Diva congratulated Olga. The pop star posing in the picture in an eye-catching outfit with sequins. Next to it are Alexander Buinov and Marina Yudashkin.

“Happy birthday Olga Cool”, – said Alla.

Olga Krutoy was born on 25 Nov 1965 in Leningrad. Long she lived in America, where he met composer Igor Krutoy, who became her second husband. Igor and Olga have been together for over 20 years. Olga has two children – Victoria from his first marriage and Alexander. Two years ago, Olga first became a grandmother, Victoria Cool gave birth to a daughter. Olga is not only a loyal wife but also a successful businesswoman, she has her own perfume brand.