Alla Pugacheva has dealt a new blow to the reputation

Алле Пугачевой нанесли новый удар по репутации
Brunette disgraced in the Network.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @stassadal Instagram

Stas Sadalsky is a fount of gossip about their colleagues. Sometimes he indulges interesting details of its subscribers in the social network. But none of them has received such resonance, as it is news about Alla Pugacheva. Sadalsky has revealed details of a big win of Alla Borisovny in 2005. Then the Diva allegedly took from the casino, whose work was legal in Russia, 1.6 million dollars.

But Stas says that the money Pugachev did not see. Moreover, it was a close play at the time and was “stranded”. She could not repay the debts and then the management of the casino went to the concession and agreed to barter: a Diva advertising, and with them the debt relief. About this Sadalsky learned at the time when he worked as a journalist.

“Sit, communicate with the staff. Long sit long talk. And find out what the casino has a hall for VIP-slot machines, there is Joe, and played from 12 midnight to 9 am. Ask one of the attendants: and there is in this hall way. Is. And she was one? One. Crumple something, not telling — shared Sadalsky. — Then still find out: when you lose a large sum of money in Crystal, could not pay it back, and the casino owners offered her to “win” so they are a huge advertising done, after all the media wrote about it! This is the hidden advertising! If they just for this is paid much more expensive would cost!”

It should be noted that no confirmation of this story, in addition to statements Sadalsky no. Fans hope that Donna will dispel the rumors about cheating and make this topic an official statement.