Alla Pugacheva has come to a standstill due to the education of children

Алла Пугачева оказалась в тупике из-за воспитания детей Diva cares about the future of Harry and Lisa. Alla Pugacheva wants to protect heirs from cruelty. Fans supported celebrity and also expressed fears over what can’t be confident in the safety of their kids.

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are raising three year old twins Lisa and Harry. In light of recent events that occur in a country Diva is very concerned about the future of their kids. She is trying to find a way to protect children from the negative events which they may encounter throughout life. A celebrity used the phrase uttered by Vladimir Putin in 1999. After his speech, this phrase has become an idiom.

      “My children are cute, as you live in this world? Maybe it’s time I teach you how to “soak in the toilet”?” asked Diva.

      Fans supported Dolly parton and admitted that they, too, fear for their children. Some members still urged not to teach kids violence, but not to create the illusion that live around only good people.

      “Yeah, scary for children. You can educate all our children. Just for all the time and the occasion! I don’t know when and where!”, “All thinking this question gives me no rest. Especially those who have children, Alla!”, “I think it will only get worse… a mother’s Heart always worried about your child’s future – but right now very hard times and really scary,” wrote fans.

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are trying to do everything to keep their children in what does not deny. The family lives in a big castle, and each heir has his own nanny. With the birth of the twins Valentina Yudina two years watched Lisa. The woman left the house of the prima Donna, so they decided to start their own businesses.

      “Daughter Alla, I was from the very first day. Remember how tiny the twins were brought from the hospital. Beautiful shape governesses made stylist Alla Alisher… as a nurse with permanent residence in the house 24 hours a day. When children are young, for them need be watched. Although Lisa and I got lucky. It is almost good, in the morning let me sleep. Some kids get up at 6 in the morning, and Lisa usually wakes up at 9,” said the woman.

      Pugacheva and Galkin admitted that with the advent of the heirs of their lives changed dramatically. The successor of Alla Pugacheva surprised by the unexpected recognition