Alla Pugacheva has changed her style and became “sexy peksi”

Алла Пугачева поменяла стиль и стала «секси-пекси»
67-year-old singer donned a trendy outfit.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @alishermusic Instagram Alisher

Alla Pugacheva continues to experiment with youth style. 67-year-old singer turned to well-known stylist in order that he picked up for her new wardrobe. As a result of the change in black “hoodies” that have become the hallmark of the prima Donna, came trendy outfits.

In the network appeared the picture taken during the fitting of one of the recent images of Alla. For him, the singer dressed in an outfit richly embellished with sequins. “Here do for Borisovny merry things for life to sexy pexy looked like, but she’s shy! Barely persuaded to take a picture in it, Yes even without makeup. For me, Alla looks unreal! I’m happy that Alla was another and slowly, but go for experiments!” — signed the Alisher.

Fans appreciated the appearance of the legendary artist. “Just the bomb! She’s coming!”, “She is so cool!”, “This stylish and beautiful Alla!”, “Camp.!” commented fans.

By the way, Pugacheva has published a rare selfie in mikrobloge. In the caption to the photo, the singer responded to the criticism of detractors. She admitted she doesn’t use photoshop and not shy to appear in public in their natural form, as it believes that looks for his age just fine.