Alla Pugacheva has caused concern for loss of voice

Алла Пугачева вызвала беспокойство потерей голоса Rumors spread of the old edition of “Tonight.” Fans of Alla Pugacheva concerned about the state of her health. Fans speculate that could happen to a celebrity.
Алла Пугачева вызвала беспокойство потерей голоса

Lately, the Internet is widely discussed possible causes of the poor health of Alla Pugacheva. In the Network surfaced recording of “Tonight”, which aired in mid-April. Then Andrey Malakhov invited to the Studio Diva, and also known journalist Vitaly Ignatenko. The man wrote a book which mentioned the accident of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He remembered that one of the first in the area of the nuclear disaster came Alla Pugacheva. She supported everyone who worked to prevent the spread of radiation. In his work Ignatenko pointed out that after the presentation, the Diva lost her voice. However, this became a surprise for the actress.

“I didn’t lose my voice why. I may now lose it, I don’t think that the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. I think I’m just tired of all this”, – said Pugacheva during a broadcast in April.
Алла Пугачева вызвала беспокойство потерей голоса

Apparently, this review of Alla confused cards to those who only recently saw the program “Tonight.” Recently, the Network was widely discussed health Pugacheva. She was unable to attend the funeral of the founder of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows” Pavel Slobodkin and only gave a letter of support to his relatives.

“Alla was not able to come because feels bad. Really bad. It’s not an excuse. I know it well. Especially about the health is not customary to joke”, — said Alexander Buinov.

Also at the recent festival of “Heat”, which was held in Baku, Pugachev was not as generous on communication with journalists. Before the performance at the recital, she politely declined to give an interview, citing poor health. Apparently, she was saving her voice to the evening to give the audience a great performance. After the concert Alla Borisovna has answered all the questions of correspondents. Representatives of Alla Pugacheva told about her condition

Maxim Galkin recently published in the microblogging funny video dialogue between famous artists. There they ridiculed the performances of the sound recording.

– Tell me, why don’t you sing? You can’t or don’t want? – appealed to the head of Laima Vaikule.

– No, but you can, of course, – said Alla.

– Well, then, please, show me, – said the artist. After that, the Diva began to sing.

– Is this live or do you sing under “plywood”? – questioned the singer.

– It’s me! replied Joe, and have shown in the picture Larisa Dolina. – Well, can you?

– The triumph of live sound! said Vajkule and began to sing the song “Sherlock Holmes”.

After that, Maxim Galkin showed who was on the other side of the camera, and, most of all, singing is the wife and limes.

– Live sound Galkin! – said the showman.

Fans were pleased that a famous artist with a sense of humor about the rumors Pugacheva about the loss of voice.