Alla Pugacheva has apologized for the scandal with plagiarism

Алла Пугачева извинилась за скандал с плагиатом On the first day of the New year the famous poet Alexander Vulich stated that presented on the eve of the song Alla Pugacheva suspicious like the old song Igor Saruhanov “Invented love”. But Diva called the author and justified.

The prima Donna of the national stage has presented the public a new song in new year’s eve. Previously, she made the announcement on his page on Instagram, saying that he was going to appear on the First channel with the premiere of the composition “I flew”. Fans were happy because their favorite did not often indulge novelties. Exactly in the morning of January 1, the New 2018 millions of viewers glued to the screens and saw the video, heard the song Pugacheva – black-and-white video, the beautiful Diva, catchy tune.

However, in the afternoon of the same day the Prime Minister turned into a scandal. Well-known songwriter Alexander Vulykh wrote on his page in social networks, the new song Diva – plagiarism. He said that the melody reminded him the composition of fifteen years ago from his co-author, “Invented love”.

The author of new songs of Alla Pugacheva was accused of plagiarism

To guilty the treatment was accompanied by two videos, new songs Pugacheva and one that looks like. Many members of Volya, listening to creation, supported by poet. Some colleagues: singer Yuri Loza, producer Evgeny Kobylyansky – invited him to go to court. The scandal gained momentum, but suddenly Wylug deleted the post.

It turned out that he was called Alla. She explained that in no way to blame and for the first time heard the song Saruhanov “Invented love”, so did not know that her new hit similar to something old, as reported

“We spoke with Alla Borisovna. We don’t want to inflate. Alla is not guilty. All the responsibility on the composer, well, partly musical editors, producing a song in the air,” – said Alexander Vulykh.

Apparently now with the author of the song “I fly” that made all that noise, to understand not only Alexander Vulykh, but also Alla Pugacheva. Song was written by Oleg Vladimir, a young and successful composer who has created many hits for stars of the local scene. Among them, one hundred percent hits like “To hell with love” by Svetlana Loboda, “Forget you” Emina, “New former” Ani Lorak” and “That’s all” Pugacheva.