Alla Pugacheva gave a new year concert for the family of Igor Nikolaev

Алла Пугачева дала предновогодний концерт для семьи Игоря Николаева Diva played Chopin on the piano. Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia Proskuryakova and daughter Veronica had a wonderful time in the company of Alla Pugacheva. Celebrity couple spoke about the tradition of new year’s eve evening in their home.

      Famous composer and singer Igor Nikolaev and his charming wife Julia Proskuryakova in the new year evening invite to your suburban mansion close friends. In the warm atmosphere of the Maestro and his family great spend time – talk, remembering the days of the year, try prepared by the hostess treats and of course, singing songs.

      On the eve of the hospitable house Proskuryakova Nikolaev and was especially dear guest, Alla Pugacheva, which is known to be long friends with a musician, and is warm with his wife Julia and loves their one-year-old heiress Veronica. About the visit Diva Igor Nikolaev said in microblogging, posting a picture depicting a star while playing the piano.

      “New year evening… we Got Julia, and She is visiting my loved one and my dear godfather of Alla Pugacheva. Playing Chopin! Amazing plays! As then, in the twentieth century. Bright, creative 2017 year to you, our one and only Alla Borisovna,” wrote under a photo of Igor Nikolaev.

      And the accompanying warm and touching story made an impression on the followers of the Maestro. They admired it and a family tradition new year’s eve evening, and had noticed how wonderful it looks and looks great at the piano ivory Alla. These were fans of only one thing – the lack of video recording, because they wanted to hear Chopin performed by Pugacheva.

      “What a sweet and beautiful Alla! Thank you, Igor Nikolaev, for this exciting photo”, “God, she looks amazing!”, “Why is there no video? Such a moment!”, “How soulful! Never heard Alla plays! Put the video to the masses”, “Good shot, Alla there is some special, What a good tradition. Warmth and comfort to your home!”, “But with the curls Allusik very nice. From trendy, stylish and young! Love!”, – compliment the star of her dedicated fans.

      By the way, it is possible that they will soon have the opportunity to see a live performance of Alla Pugacheva on stage. Alla Pugacheva buying a song for touring around the country

      After all, as we learned last fall, the star is preparing for a triumphant return – a solo concert of the prima Donna in Moscow scheduled for the first half of 2017.