Alla Pugacheva furor slim figure

Алла Пугачева произвела фурор стройной фигурой
The singer lit on the anniversary of a friend.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva is now in great physical shape. On the eve of the restaurant located in the heart of the capital, held a Grand celebration of the anniversary of the best friend of the singer — Alina Redel. “The years didn’t kill her love of life, ability to make friends and to enjoy the success of others. Live long, Erika, for us to enjoy…. A friend of my days harsh!” — Pugacheva wished the birthday girl.

For a party in honor of the birthday of “girlfriends days severe” Alla chose the outfit, effectively demonstrating her slender figure. Guests of the festival noted that a thinner Diva began to look 20 years younger. Agreed with them, and netizens who were lucky enough to see a couple of shots from the event. “A figure like a model! Very cool!” write enthusiastic fans.

The festival brought together the warm company of stars who have been friends for many years. And the guests were entertained by another friend of the hero of the day — Philip. Under his hits Alla with friends lit on the dance floor until late at night.