Alla Pugacheva found guilty after the embarrassment

Алла Пугачева нашла виноватых после конфуза
The scandal with plagiarism continued.

Alla Pugacheva


On the eve of songwriter Alexander Vulykh accused the author of the new hit of Alla Pugacheva in the “blatant plagiarism”. He was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the new song Diva “I flew” turned out to be hauntingly similar to the composition, written for Igor Saruhanov “Invented love”. He was determined to get justice and find peace.

As it became known, after the media spread the news about the scandal, Alla Vulich personally called and apologized. As one would expect, the singer admitted she had never heard the song sarukhanova, therefore, to detect the similarity of the songs are unable. Besides, check whether the music is written by customers of plagiarism is not the responsibility of Pugacheva. These things must ensure competent professionals.

“We talked to Alla Borisovna! We don’t want to inflate. Alla is not guilty. All the responsibility on the composer, well, partly musical editors, producing a song in the air” — quoted Vulich

Despite the fact that the premiere of the song Pugacheva was accompanied by scandals, the audience were pleasantly surprised that Alla Borisovna has recorded a new song in youth style.