Алла Пугачева забудет о диете в Новый год Diva told me what to cook for your family during the holiday. Appearing on “the Song of the year”, the actress impressed everyone with his impressive appearance and spoke to reporters about the dishes of the festive table.

      At the moment, in SK “Olympic” the event is held in honor of the 45th anniversary Grand festival “Song of the year”. At the gala concert gathered the most popular performers. Special attention of journalists before beginning of the event attracted Alla Pugacheva. Diva was in a great mood.

      According to Alla Borisovny, spouse Maxim Galkin could not accompany her at this concert, as he was forced to stay with the twins Lisa and Harry. “They are a little unwell, has a cold”, – said the artist.

      The Russian pop diva looked very impressive in evening dress of black color, pobraniem her stylist Alisher. The star admitted that puffy skirt on this dress – it was his idea. All wondered how she manages to look so stunning. “The best gift for any woman is love,” explained his condition Joe.

      However, in the New year, Alla prefers not to follow a strict diet and can afford some harmful meals.

      “Olivier, herring under a fur coat, potatoes, jelly, fish under marinade and meat and eggs. Diet for the New year? You crazy?”, – said Pugacheva.

      The diva admitted that she did not drink alcohol. She prefers only to raise a glass of champagne for the company during the feast. The new year they will meet in the family circle, are not yet planned exactly where you are. Pugacheva doesn’t like to think ahead, so determined to spend the eve of the holiday home.

      Fortunately, an active concert activity Alla is planned only for the spring of 2017. Until that time, she can fully devote herself to raising children. However, as they say in the environment of the star, the heirs are even trying to help her mother in the creation of new Solney program.

      “Particularly interested in the process her daughter, – says Anatoly Lopatin, working with the Diva. – Constantly runs into the room, begins to dance to the melody, even tries to sing along. Very musical girl. While conversations about how to engage children in the upcoming concert, no. But, of course, in the future, when Harry and Lisa grows up, Alla does not exclude the possibility that they will continue the dynasty”.