Алла Пугачева ради детей ограничивает себя в еде

All summer Diva with children Harry and Lisa spends in Jurmala, but Alla and the rest is not relaxing.

In Jurmala star family rented a house and leaves it only for some major events. In Belarusian Vitebsk, for example, Alla came at the request of Maxim Galkin to perform at his solo concert.

“Well how could I deny your loved one? sigh Alla. — Especially in this city where we met and where he is I do not like (celebrity couple first met at “Slavianski Bazaar” 15 years ago. — Approx. “Antenna”). However, the one who was with me, when I already didn’t like me…”

Alla and Maxim came to Belarus in the personal railway carriage of the prima Donna. The train arrived at the station of the town where a couple was already waiting black Mercedes and taken to Vitebsk. The couple settled in 30 kilometers from the city in the residence, hidden from prying eyes forest and a high fence. The next day they were joined by Christina Aguilera. The daughter of the prima Donna was going to stay in a hotel, but it did not suit local conditions. Younger children Lisa and Harry was left in Jurmala with a babysitter. City the family moved in tinted cars, restaurants and prefer homemade food.

Alla made me Breakfast, – said Maxim Galkin. — Cut the sausages left in the pan, fried, filled with egg, made a delicious salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with sour cream. I thought we will eat together, but she ate a third of the eggs, and everything else – I. Very romantic Breakfast. And recently eaten fat. Fleshy tomatoes “bullish heart” with salt. It’s great!

Alla Borisovna admitted that he loves to eat.

“This looks good. Want to eat less, but I can’t, ” laughed she. — The only incentive is the children. I would love to see a youthful mother than grandmother.”

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Maxim is also happy to talk about kids. “Walking in Jurmala, Lisa rides in a wheelchair in a beautiful gown and sings: “the Road the road you know so much about my life difficult”. Why she liked this song, I don’t know. And Garik likes “Clouds, celestial horses”. Son plays xylophone, knocking chopsticks, he picks tunes. Son loved the cartoon “Well, pogodi!”. But after watching the show… began to mimic Smoking! The pencil, brings to his mouth. “Gary what are you doing?” – “Smoke!” Alla looks: “I can’t understand why he does that”. How he took it, because Alla will never smoke in front of the kids. And then I realized: the Wolf from “Nu, pogodi!” all the time smokes. The house is a whole pile of cartoons and Soviet, and new, some “Fixies”. But Lisa and Harry rarely watch them, we are playing outdoor games. Children ride bikes, kicks start. With them collect designers. We try not to dwell on the image viewer screen. For the kids I broke the tour schedule: we try to go for a long time. Miss the kids and feel they need me”.

Such here idyll!

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